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100 Piece Multipurpose Accessory Set Ref.723 - 2615S723JA

100 Piece Multipurpose Accessory Set Ref.723 - 2615S723JA

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2615S723JA (723)
This accessory set carries a hundred pieces together with EZ SpeedClic add-ons which permit short and easy accessory adjustments. To address a wide range of packages in a selection of different substances.
• package carries:
1x 3.2mm drill bit (one hundred fifty)
1x 3.2mm excessive pace cutter (191)
1x 19mm bristle brush (403)
1x 9.5mm cylindrical (932), 1x 9.5mm conical (952) aluminum oxide grinding stones
1x 4.8mm silicon carbide grinding stone (84922)
1x 22.4 aluminum oxide grinding wheel (541)
36x 24mm cut-off wheels (409)
3x 38mm EZ SpeedClic slicing wheels (SC456)
10x 13mm (414), 5x 26mm (429) sprucing wheels
10x 180grit (411), 8x 240grit (413) sanding discs
4x 6.4mm 60grit (431), 4x 6.4mm 120grit (438) sanding bands
3x 13mm 60grit (408), 4x 13mm 120grit (432) sanding bands
1x 6,4mm 60grit (430), 1x 13mm 60grit (407) sanding bands & mandrels
1x 35mm (402), 1x 39mm (401) mandrels
1x 38mm EZ SpeedClic Mandrel (SC402)
1x sprucing compound (421)
• supplied with: display convey case

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