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151 Silcoset Lubricant - 75ml

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Self-levelling high temperature FDA-compliant Adhesive Sealant, ready-to-use adhesive sealant, which reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a resilient rubber, which remains flexible over a very wide temperature range, liberates a very small amount of acetic acid during cure which gives rise to the familiar vinegar odour, which quickly dissipates after cure. These high specification sealants are ideal for a myriad of engineering applications from production work to fast, effective maintenance and on-the-spot repairs. They are applied directly from the cartridge and cure at room temperature. Under typical ambient conditions they develop a tack free surface in approximately 15 minutes and cure within 24 hours.

Resistant to solvents and chemicals
Good electrical insulation properties
Excellent bonding to a wide range of substrates
Flexibility form -60 to 300°C
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151 Silcoset Lubricant 75ml
£ 11.32 (Inc Vat)

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75ml151-60 to 300MetalElectrical insulation properties

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